Cougar Life Commercial

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35 thoughts on “Cougar Life Commercial

  1. Hey, Julia it’s Brenden congratulating you on your cougar life commercial. It’s funny & sexy at the same time & my favorite part is when you pulled that girl out of the chair. You are my kind of woman, milf , cougar & sex goddess on earth. Brenden

  2. Julia, once again I fell in love with you… haha… U r awesome in this commercial! Congrats!
    R u familiar with the song “Oh if I catch you” from the brazilian singer Michel Teló? I hear that is been playing a lot around there, so i’ve been wondering if you heard… ‘Cause if I could I would sing it for you: “Delicious, delicious, this way you drive me crazy! Oh if i catch you, oh my God if I catch you!” hahaha….
    Love you! Lots of love from Brazil!

    • Lol, thank you Priscila. I can’t say if I’ve ever heard the song before, but probably not. But thank you for “singing’ it to me here. You’ve got a great voice! 😉

      • do you think i have a great voice? thanks! you’re very kind! haha… But you’re really should see me dancing hahahaha… For that song we have a role coreography thing, you know? See if you can find the clip on youtube if you wanna watch they doing on YouTube! One day i could do it for you, if u want to! hahaha… Love ya beautiful! xo

  3. WOW Julia Ann I can even see that is you. Way to go on lading this project. Can wait to see it on Television in Canada. You rock it and was super sexy as hell!!!!!

    Yours Truly,

    Gregory F. Liverpool

  4. … was just sitting there, watching whatever, and heard a voice I recognized OH-so-well! Looked up… and there on my TV (not PC) screen, was the woman I spend OH-so-much, “quality-time” with! Heavens, woman… but you are BEAUTIFUL! Cleopatra, Helen of Troy… Julia Ann, witness the natural progression of goddesses who’ve walked the earth! Genuinely please that I finally have an avenue here to share with you how very much I appreciate the body of art that you’ve created. 🙂

    • Wow, Victor. Thank you so much! I’m pretty sure I don’t belong in the company of those women, but I’ll completely support your right to disagree with me…;) LOL. I’m glad you got a kick out of hearing/seeing me on your TV screen as opposed to your PC this time. You must have a good ear if you caught it without having to look! Thanks again, Victor xoxo

      • Very well madam, by all means, allow this humble admirer to whole-heartedly disagree. Upon this point I will NOT surrender! Yours is a classic beauty, ageless… and I speak first and foremost of your lovely visage, perfect features framed by a halo of golden blonde tresses, even before gazing upon the DEVASTATING curves found waiting below! That you have bridged the span from Adult Film Diva to Mainstream Media, is truly a testament to both your intellect, as well your abundant glamour. 🙂

          • Milady, simply know that I was raised and instilled with sound principles, chief amongst these is honor. Therefore from time-to-time, it falls upon me, the pleasurable duty of respecting and praising all women; of all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds, etc. There are many, many beautiful women in your field, you just happen to be their queen… as well mine. Be seeing you in my dreams… 🙂



  7. Julia Ann is the Grace Kelly of the Adult industry with her beauty, class, poise, extremely big heart, and much respect by all. She deserves all of the accolades and it is so wonderful that others get to appreciate the talent and how truly special this lady is to so many. To have been in her presence and felt the magnetism and qualities she possesses was amazing in it’s own right. Keep going lady, those of us that know what you have and who you are will follow you on whatever paths you decide to take.

    • Stacey, Stacey, Stacey…you just make me giggle, that’s how darn cute you are! And I haven’t forgotten (actually, I kinda did, oops) that you want me to send you grandma’s mac & cheese recipe and my butternut squash. We had both at the party yesterday, and I thought of you 🙂

      • It’s ok, all good things come to those that wait. Plus, I understand how extremely busy you are being a woman so in demand, but who else would they get that even comes close to you… :-}
        I know that everyone must have enjoyed the cuisine that your hands prepared and I it will be an honor to prepare some of your grandma’s top secret recipes.

  8. Hi Julia! I’m a big fan from Portugal, and I’m thinking about join your site. Just saw “Mom Blows the Job” from brazzers and i’ve loved it. Your commercial is so nice and soo funny. Just a question: in your chat with the members you charge per minute? xoxo

    p.s: Saw your “Mecca” picture, you look stunning! I’m a girl that watches all the kind of porn with his boyfriend. But since he showed me your work I just watch you. I love the work you do with the dogs, you such a great soul.

    • Hi Luisa 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed MBtJ, and good for you for watching porn with your boyfriend! It can be a lot of fun, right? Sexy time! And the weekly group cams are free (it’s part of our membership perks), but private cams are not. There’s blocks of time that you can purchase, and the prices are listed on my website. Thanks for all the great compliments, Luisa, and enjoy yourself with your boyfriend. Tell him thanks for showing you my work!

  9. Hey Julia Ann….Okay so this is the most unusual thing I have ever written: (and i sent it per mail as well but I think it didn’t work) So here goes:

    Quite a while ago my ex-boyfriend kind of got me into porn, which is the weirdest thing because I am quite a reserved person when it comes to sex and I really always needed to know a person very well to have a sexual relationship. So watching other people having sex was a big no go and made me feel quite uncomfortable
    Anyways, I really disliked the men-women porn because seriously I don’t know how people like watching that. No offence to anybody who does it for a living but it is obviously not for me! But what I found out is that woman-woman turns me on because it has tenderness to it, there is something very passionate and sensual about it. Not all the movies are like that but these are the ones I watch. In general I am very intrigues by the adult movie industry, maybe because I secretly admire your openness or because I always want to know why people do the things they do and how they feel, especially if what they do is unusual.
    Today was a lazy hung over Saturday and I should be studying right now, so obviously I procrastinated all day long and ended up writing this. Mainly I just want to say, that although I really don’t know how you do it and I would love to know how and why and and and…, adult movies really made me more aware of my own sexuality. They made me think more about my desires, how opened I am/want to be, what pleasures me etc. And I think in today’s world there are still so many sex-related things that are taboo, which I think is a pity. It should be something that is enjoyable and free to talk about. When I look at my friends, we are all in our early 20s, I can see that we are not opened about it even though sex is the most discussed topic in our group. Everybody is consciously aware of their desires, so why are we ashamed to openly talk about them with our closest friends?! Well, at least that is what I have been thinking about lately and that is because I have been watching that video of yours where the 6 of you talked about your perfect scene with a woman or something.
    I don’t know how to say it properly so it doesn’t sound creepy but thank you for making porn, I guess and making me aware of my own sexuality. Not sure why of all the movies I have watched, might only have been 20, you stayed on my mind…maybe your authenticity! No shame in a girl crush, right?!
    Okay it’s 4am, German time, I gotta go and sleep! Btw you are one of those few and blessed people who look better with less make up on! Just a bit jealous^^
    And seriously I envy all women who are that comfortable with their own body…and although I’d say I am tall and skinny- what a hell of a journey to feel at least half way comfortable!

    Enjoy your summer :)) Nicole

    • Hey Nicole. And wow, thanks for such an open and honest post. I understand a lot of your points, and yes, even today, where society has sexualized just about everything you can think of, it’s still a little bit difficult when it comes to applying it to ourselves. We see it everywhere, we hear it everywhere, but in our own personal lives we can still be a bit shy. Well, not me, obviously, but I mean we in the larger sense. I’m glad you connected with my video, and I hope it helps you embrace your own sexual/sensual side, and that the experience is both positive and empowering. It’s your body, Nicole. Allow yourself to love it, no holes barred 😉 xoxo

      • Thanks for your answer and nice words!!
        I should find a way to write a future paper about the controversiality surrounding this industry and why not all porn’s the same. And has anybody ever noticed that nobody ever writes anything positive about this business?!
        Weird world… 😉

        • Sometimes they do write positive things about the business, Nikki, but you’re right. They’re usually far and in between. Gotta figure that sex is still a semi-taboo subject to most people, and they’re not comfortable writing/reading anything that may put a positive spin on the adult industry. It may upset some hard-held beliefs, you know? I get it. I don’t agree with it, but I get it.

          • Hi there…how was your summer?
            How are you?

            I had to think about you today, because i got my first graded paper back after summer break. And i did write about the porn industry. It was for a subject called diversity,sexuality and gender. Though i got a good grade for research, structure blah blah it was commented “highly unusual topic for a future social worker” 😀 …left for interpretation whether that’s good or bad haha

            Also on a different note: how hot is james dean?!!!!!!! Woaaah!!

  10. Hi Julia. How are you? I’m a big fan, and I’m about to purchase Boob Smothering Slaveboy on clips4sale. The “slaveboy” is Evan Adams? I like him a lot as well. So sorry your commercial was banned. I don’t know why seriously. Keep doing the good job, you look amazing and beautiful. Btw clips4sale was a nice idea, already bought 4, and i love it. xoxo

    • Hi Maddalena! Um, I think the “slaveboy” is Chad Diamond. I think. It’s awful, but I’m totally drawing a blank right now. If you get it, I hope you still enjoy it! And thank you for the awesome compliments, and for supporting my clips4sale store 🙂 xoxo

  11. Hello Julia i just saw the cougar life commercial & loved it!!!! U r so beautiful i recognized u right away. I cant lie i kept wishing i was the lucky bastard u wanted 2 buy a drink for…lol

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