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Born with blonde hair and blue eyes, on my father’s twenty-third birthday, I was the belle of the ball. From the day I popped out (October 8th) I was ready to be the center of attention, and being the first grandchild in the family most definitely didn’t hurt. My mother and father both worked, so I spent a good portion of each day with my grandmother and aunt.
It was exciting at their house, there was always a menagerie of animals living there (which explains my love of animals), a piano and an organ (piano lessons were inevitable), and a huge swimming pool (I swam like a fish). Horses consumed a large part of my childhood. Even as a toddler my family took me to the pony rides at the local park. My aunt owned two horses and I rode as often as I could.

When I was twelve my parents moved to a small mountain town called Idyllwild ( still in California). They wanted to raise their children outside of the city. I hated the move, however I maintained my sanity through my love of animals. I was enrolled in a college preparatory school (that I hated as well), although I graduated from a different school.

I’ve always had a shapely figure; by the time I was fourteen years old my curves were out of control. I’m surprised that my parents let me out of the house. At seventeen I left Idyllwild to live with my grandmother in Los Angeles. I decided that I wanted to try to model and these are the first pictures that I paid a professional photographer to shoot. I was eighteen.
Then came the hot shaving cream wrestling.

I started hanging out on the Sunset strip in Hollywood. One of my favorite places to go was known as The Rainbow Bar & Grill. The Rainbow was a hang out for local musicians and strippers. That is how I met a new friend who was a Tropicana mud wrestler. She introduced me to a lady that ran traveling wrestling shows, so every night I would perform at a different club and make money wrestling men. At the time I couldn’t believe it! Who would spend money to wrestle me? Boy, was I surprised.

It wasn’t long after I started wrestling that I went to a fourth of July party at one of the local beaches. It was at that party that Janine and I met and a few years later we formed a dance act called Blondage.

About a year after the birth of Blondage, I gave thought to the word of adult films. It was coincidence really. I was over at Janine’s place when I expressed my interest in becoming an adult film actress as a means to broaden my fan base. To my surprise, she had been thinking the same thing. She told me that a director that she had worked with in the past on R-Rated videos had sent her a script for an adult film and that she wanted me to do it with her. The director was Andrew Blake, the film was called “Hidden Obsessions”, the scene was with an Ice Sculptured Dildo and it earned us two awards in the adult world of movie making.

After Hidden Obsessions I worked closely with Andrew Blake’s producer Patty Rhoads. The next film by Andrew Blake I starred in was called “Les Femmes Erotique”. Patty Rhoads wasn’t exclusively producing for Andrew Blake, she also happened to be the producer and wife of porn director Fred Lincoln as well. Under their wing I set out into the fascinating world of porn. With them I worked on many other video projects (see “The Specifics” in the Julia Ann Section).

As my career in film progressed, so did Blondage. Eventually Janine and I decided (with the help of Vivid Video) to create “Blondage:The Movie” (directed by Tony English). The movie was a success and so were the calendars, comic books and posters. (I’m not going to give any more details about Blondage, because the Blondage page on the site will supplement)

At this point it was time for a change, so I enrolled at my local college for two semesters. I had an incredible amount of fun at school. Maybe that sounds crazy, but having life experience on my side helped give me the means to be on the Dean’s list, both semesters. Guess what? I’m a brain! As great as the experience was, real life and my bills were beckoning me to come back to modeling and dancing.

It was the year 2000, nearly eight years since my start in the adult world. I joined forces with the management team of a Risqué Business and for a short while I was working with a new video company “Digital PlayGround”. We shot a DVD called “Virtual Sex with Julia Ann” and a movie that stars both myself and Tera Patrick, “Island Fever.” At the same time I was working on a video for AshtonView (Juli Ashton’s Production company) called “Essentially Julia Ann.” After the release of “Island Fever” I took some time off, and in that time I focused on my dancing and my new hosting job. That’s right, I starting hosting a popular Playboy TV show called “Naughty Amateur Home Videos.” (My original co-host was the beautiful and always flirtatious Taylor Hayes, and then it was Inari Vachs)

With Risqué being my agent I signed an exclusive contract with Wicked Pictures, where I remained for nearly five years. With Wicked I worked on many wonderful projects, including “Beautiful”, that earned me a AVN 2004 Best Actress Award.

This bio gives you an idea of my life, and inside the site is the more recent past, the present, and the future.

Wish me luck and I hope that you enjoy the site.

Lots of Love

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